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Fallon was first referred for services in March of 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic was hitting hard and was laid off from her job at McDonald’s where she had worked as a porter for 4 years. Fallon decided to take advantage of this down time to look for other employment opportunities and began Job Development with the Lancaster Training Center.

Fallon being a strong and independent woman was eager to start looking for new job and was open to work just about anywhere. Since it had been a while since Fallon had an interview and their interviewing skills weren’t quit up to par and after some practice and doing some mock interviews Fallon became more confident in themselves and was ready to start applying for job openings and got called for interviews right away but was not offered a position. Fallon started to become discouraged after having several interviews and not getting offered a position but never gave up and continued her search with the support and encouragement of her Job Developer. Fallon did find employment at Altercare Lanfair in the dietary department as a dietary aide where Fallon struggled at first due to constant changes because of the pandemic, Fallon stayed determined and worked hard and with the support of everyone at Altercare Lanfair Fallon is thriving and doing more than they thought possible.