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Tim was referred to the Marietta Training Center for a Community Based Assessment in 2020 at the beginning of the COVID lockdown. Tim Struggled with the CBA due to his physical limitations but in the end prevailed and was recommended for Job Development.  After some delays and difficulties due to COVID shutdowns, Tim was able to start employment as a Janitor at Veritas Classical Academy in January 2021. Unfortunately, during this time Tim experienced illness and other unforeseen issues. Tim was unable to retain the position, but we quickly found Tim a new position with WASCO where he has thrived in this position.

Tim is a Lead Worker for WASCO, he works independently cleaning and taking care of 2 Ohio rest areas, including a Welcome Center. Since beginning with WASCO, Tim has picked up additional responsibilities, and even self-advocated to be allowed to drive company vehicles. 

“Am I dreaming?”, was Tim’s opening statement, when he came to our office to have his picture taken as one of our Success Stories.