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When Phil first came to the PTC and he entered into his Community Based Assessment he gave his job coach a really hard time. He didn’t want to listen, he wanted to do things his way and he was just downright rude to her.

We had a meeting and told Phil that we wanted him to succeed but that these behaviors just aren’t work appropriate and we set expectations and goals for Phil’s success.

After this meeting, Phil apologized to his job coach and we’ve never had a problem since, as a matter of fact Phil far exceeded our expectations.

Phil is a hard working and dependable individual. He has never missed any days while in training, even when he had truck problems.

Phil picked stocking as his vocational goal and he did his training at the Save A Lot in his hometown of New Martinsville, WV. Phil had won the hearts of the employees and management by the end of his training and on his last day he was offered a job in the produce section of their store.

Phil continues to be hard working and dependable. Every once in a while, he needs to be called in on his day off and he always says absolutely, I will be there. They’ve had to change his schedule and he said whatever needs done, I will do it. He is liked very much by management and his co-workers at Save A Lot. He has a very big job taking care of the produce department by sorting through and taking out the rotten items and then replenishing with new product. He also helps unload the truck on truck day twice per week. He also keeps the produce cooler neat and organized.

Not only is Phil willing to do whatever is needed, he does it with a fantastic attitude.

The management is very pleased with Phil and so are we here at the Panhandle Training Center.

Congratulations Phil, great job!